ABOUT the Gray Wolf Ski Club

Gray Wolf Ski Club Organization
We are a social club originating in 1984 to promote skiing and fellowship, for people 50 years of age and older. There are currently over 1250 members coming from throughout the U.S.A. For more information on how we are organized, please review the Bylaws.

Gray Wolf Ski Club Events and Trip Policy
We have a detailed policy concerning how our events and trips are run and who may attend. Please click on Club Policy to read our policy.

Gray Wolf Ski Club Newsletter
Our newsletters are published on this website quarterly during January, April, July, and October. All members will receive a 30 days advance notice of the annual business meeting. Our current newsletter can be read by clicking on Newsletter

Join the Gray Wolf Ski Club
The Annual Dues of $15.00 per member run from September 1 to August 15. You may want to purchase name tags at the same time using the same check. For nametag details see the next item below.

Dues received after April 15 will be considered as payment for the coming season. Dues must be received before August 15th.  For existing members, grandfathered(see below) or over the age of 65, if we do not receive your annual membership dues by August 15, you will not be eligible for the Wolf Creek pre-season or regular season ski pass discounts.

Grandfathered members (those who joined by August 15, 2023) Existing members of the Gray Wolf Ski Club who are 50 to 64 years old and who purchase a Gray Wolf II pass for the 2023-2024 season will be grandfathered into the Wolf Creek Ski Area discount season ski pass program and can continue to purchase a Gray Wolf II pass until they turn 65. A Gray Wolf II pass must be purchased each season to be eligible for the next year GW II pass along with a Gray Wolf Ski Club membership. If a member doesn’t purchase a Gray Wolf II pass or purchases a different type of pass they are no longer eligible for the Gray Wolf II pass for future seasons.

The list of membership is sent to Wolf Creek Ski Area on August 15 every year. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Gray Wolf Ski Club Nametags can be ordered once a year. We are in the process of securing a vendor and will provide details on when and how to order at a later date.

Officers – Board of Directors

President: Chris Johnson – 713-562-0395
Vice President: Sheila Manzanares – 719-464-6313
Secretary: Suzanne Hill  – 512-201-5042
Treasurer: Stacey Mergens – 303-870-9998
Publications Editor: Laura Vanoni 970-398-1794
Membership Coordinator: Cynthia Riski – 817-938-8609
Programs Director: Lassie Olin – 970-731-2927
East Side Representative: Paul Midgley 970-731-3626

Past Board Members Click Here

Gray Wolf Ski Club History 1984-1996 Click Here